Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Catching Up

So it's been a while since I've updated this blog. I'm writing this as I fly to Dallas, Texas for a conference on computer science education. While I'm killing time, I thought I'd finally update my status on the weight loss.

Sometime around October 2010, I hit a nice point where I lost about 60 pounds. This put me in at about 270 or so. However, since then, I've been unable to break through 270 consistently, and have even at times put weight back on. Clearly my diet had changed and I've stabilized.

In all honesty, this has been a little hard to deal with. I though that I'd continue to drop the pounds, all be it more slowly. I knew that the most rapid weight loss would come in the first 4-6 months, so the slow down was not unexpected. I knew that my portion sizes would go up some, but I may have let that one run away from me.

Over the holidays, I was fortunate to be able to get on a plane and visit my folks in Arizona for about a week. One of the best feelings I had recently came from sitting on that plane and being able to buckle the damned seatbelt. Previously I was borderline in need of a belt extender (those are the belts they use for showing how to buckle your seatbelt and for plus sized travelers that need more than the average belt provides). Now I can comfortably buckle myself into the seat.

In January, I returned for a follow up visit to the surgeon who did my bypass. We spoke at length about my challenges, stressors (will have more to say on that in a few months...) and where I go from here. While he was thrilled with the weight loss, he did say that it was likely that my metabolism had stabilized enough to keep my weight about even based on how much I consume.  The news was that my rear needed to be more in gear (I keep hearing an Arnold Schwarzenegger quote from Total Recall - "Get your ass to Mars!") and that I needed to get into the gym. So, from late January I've been working out at the local Y. I try to go for two days and then take a day off. My routine is basically about 30 minutes (sometimes more) of a bike riding, some circuit weight training and then another 30 minutes or so of stairs, bike or treadmill. This has been helping, but not as much as I'd like. I'm down again to 274 as of last week. I had planned to weigh in this morning, but I was running around the house packing in advance of my morning flight and forgot.

I plan to work out while at the conference hotel (there's a nice gym there), and likely eat much less than I usually do (as well as trying to eat more seafood while I'm there).  I know, seafood in Texas is likely to be frowned upon...

I'm sorry for the lack of blogging. When almost no one asked about the status I gave serious thought to terminating the blog. Perhaps I need to do this to continue to remind myself about what I need to change. Thanks for reading. Thanks even more for posting your thoughts.


  1. Pete-I am so glad that you have updated, you talked on facebook of some of your struggles, so I am glad you are working through them. I was inspired by you, believe it or not, to go back to the gym and commit to more me time there. It has been a great help! I am proud of the progress you are making and look forward to a smaller you joining us in July!

  2. hey Dr. DeP - I had been looking at this since, now an active blogger myself, I didn't notice any updates.. but the reason I didn't ask about it was because I simply figured you were busy with more important things! However, I'm really happy to see this update and I hope to see more soon. Don't take the blog down! We do read it!! :)

  3. Sorry not to be at SIGCSE to help you burn holes in the treadmill. Go for it. And btw, there is nothing wrong or frowned upon about seafood in Texas. They are a state on the Gulf. Oh, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that, given the pollution issues. Never mind. Anyway, don't believe that "steak only" thing. Texans eat lots of good food.

  4. Pete - I just came across your blog. I say if you have the time, keep it up. It's a nice way to document your journey and progress!

  5. Pete, I wish you good luck! Never give up!